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Rowena Banks: Author & Health Coach | Briggs on Books Interview

Hello everyone! I’m Rowena Banks, and I’m excited to share my recent interview on Central Valley Talk’s "Briggs on Books" with you. It was a wonderful opportunity to delve into my experiences as an author and health coach. In this blog post, I’ll share some key highlights from the interview, including insights into my books, my approach to health and wellness, and a special focus on my company, HR-Helper.

Book Highlights

📖 Surviving Sierras
"Surviving Sierras" is a gripping tale of survival where a mother and her three daughters endure a plane crash in the Sierra Nevadas. This story is all about faith, trust, and ingenuity as they figure out how to survive against all odds. Drawing from my own experiences and knowledge of the mountains, this book showcases the resilience and strength of family bonds.

📖 Not Again
In this adventurous sequel, the same family finds themselves falling off a cruise ship. This time, they survive the tropical heat and navigate through their predicament with resourcefulness and determination. "Not Again" highlights the power and resilience of women, demonstrating how they can overcome even the most challenging situations.

Health & Wellness

Kitchen Alchemy: 30 Days to Transform Ingredients into Wellness

I’ve been on a health quest for years, and I realized the need to make healthy eating exciting. My guide, "Kitchen Alchemy," is a free downloadable resource from my website, filled with delicious and healthy recipes to keep you on track. It’s designed to help you transform everyday ingredients into meals that boost your health and well-being.

HR-Helper: Corporate Wellness Programs

One of the most exciting parts of my journey is the creation and development of HR-Helper, a sister company to Your Health and Wealth Secret. HR-Helper offers customized corporate wellness programs designed to promote health and productivity in the workplace.

Why HR-Helper?

Tailored Wellness Programs: HR-Helper provides personalized wellness programs that cater to the specific needs of various organizations, including school districts. Our programs are designed to address the unique health challenges and goals of each group.

Comprehensive Health Solutions: Our services include live health coaching sessions, educational videos, and an e-platform for coaching. These resources help employees and members of organizations adopt healthier lifestyles, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Enhanced Productivity: By focusing on health and wellness, HR-Helper helps reduce absenteeism and turnover, leading to a more productive and motivated workforce. Healthier employees are happier and more engaged, contributing to a positive work environment.

Success Stories: We’ve seen tremendous success with our programs, particularly in school districts where teacher absenteeism due to illness can significantly disrupt learning. By implementing our wellness initiatives, schools have experienced improved teacher attendance and continuity in education.

Get Involved with HR-Helper

If you’re interested in bringing HR-Helper’s wellness programs to your organization, visit our website at We’re passionate about helping companies create healthier, more productive environments for their employees.

Watch the Full Interview

To get more insights into my journey and hear about these topics in detail, I invite you to watch the full interview on my Youtube Channel. Click here to watch.

My journey as an author and health coach has been incredibly rewarding. Through my books and wellness programs, I aim to inspire and empower others to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. I’m grateful for opportunities like the "Briggs on Books" interview to share my story and connect with all of you. Let’s continue this journey together, striving for health, wellness, and resilience every step of the way.

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